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Space - Official Tilt Brush Music Video

We’re excited to announce that our new music video for Space has just been released on the Paper Garden Records YouTube channel!  It was made by the Tokyo-based French artist Govy who created it exclusively using Google's virtual reality program Tilt Brush and filmed in Unity. 

While the YouTube video isn't VR, its 3D animation takes you on an otherworldly adventure through space while I sing a song about giving someone space. Or as the artist states, "It's about a Golem/Android type of figure that is either coming into existence or disintegrating. The figure contemplates a small sphere that seemingly contains a universe, which is generated from its umbilical-like cord. The end reveals that it is inhabiting a similar sphere which then turns into the event horizon of a black hole." That, too.

Watch the video YouTube or get the full immersive VR experience in Tilt Brush (you'll need a VR headset and the app).