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Jangle Pop Hub Hails "I Don't Want to Dream"

I Don't Want to Dream came out almost ten years ago but that doesn't mean bloggers still can't write about it!  So we were thrilled to see this article about the album.

The following three albums increasingly reduced the indie-jangle I love so much (although in Ruins (2017) it threatens a return) and as such, despite strong competition, this album still retains my affections more than any other in their brilliant catalogue.

Our affections are returned to this brilliant blogger.  

Space - Official Tilt Brush Music Video

We’re excited to announce that our new music video for Space has just been released on the Paper Garden Records YouTube channel!  It was made by the Tokyo-based French artist Govy who created it exclusively using Google's virtual reality program Tilt Brush and filmed in Unity. 

While the YouTube video isn't VR, its 3D animation takes you on an otherworldly adventure through space while I sing a song about giving someone space. Or as the artist states, "It's about a Golem/Android type of figure that is either coming into existence or disintegrating. The figure contemplates a small sphere that seemingly contains a universe, which is generated from its umbilical-like cord. The end reveals that it is inhabiting a similar sphere which then turns into the event horizon of a black hole." That, too.

Watch the video YouTube or get the full immersive VR experience in Tilt Brush (you'll need a VR headset and the app). 

Ruins Remixed!

It's been almost a year since Ruins came out but you haven't heard the last of it! Our friend and frequent collaborator John Girgus (Aberdeen/The Legendary House Cats) has made three rump-shaking remixes of all the songs that begin with the letter S on the record - Shades, So and Seltzer. Buy on Bandcamp or stream on Soundcloud

Keep checking back as we'll have more friends and collaborators taking turns remixing Ruins. 

Ruins Remix Cover Option 2.PNG

More Interviews!

Marc recently sat down for two separate interviews about TCAH's new album, Ruins, OCD and making music in NYC.

The first was with The Deli Mag, who flattered us with this opening paragraph,

Brooklyn indie-pop band The City and Horses makes music that's both sensitive and urgent. Their records sound like a proverbial melting pot of influences, ranging from '60s Britpop and disco to contemporary alt-rock. 

And the second interview was for the podcast Talk Music Talk where Marc talked with host Boice about the meaning of pop music, 90s music, anxiety disorders, and ex girlfriends.  

Read, listen and laugh along!



"Ruins" Release Buzz!

We're so excited that "Ruins" has now been officially released on Paper Garden Records!

So far it's been featured as a New Release on iTunes, Napster and Bandcamp, who called it,

"Sleek, luxurious pop music where bright synths and simmering rhythms support sharp, narrative lyrics." 

The Deli NYC premiered the record last week saying, 

"The album is 12 tracks worth of dynamic, wistful, and often quirky indie pop that draws on mastermind Marc Cantone's commanding lyricism and pop-writing prowess." 

Spectral Nights said,

"The album is said to be all about a love triangle between Marc, his ex-girlfriend and his OCD and you can hear his anxieties and innermost thoughts bubbling over the sun-drenched pop hooks."

The record has also been written about in A Journal of All Musical Things,  Savvage MediaPiggledy Pop (for French people), Infectious Magazine and Tweeted about by Alan Cross

Marc has also done a number of interviews where he's discussed the anxiety disorders that fueled the album, his dream tour and more with The Grey Estates, LVBX MagazineKill the MusicSafer Scene and Key Percussion

Indie Shuffle Premieres “Pretty Pretty” Video!

To brighten your Valentine’s Day, the folks at (who premiered our video for 17 a while back) were kind enough to premiere our newest video, Pretty Pretty.  They think our “sense of humor can make anything bearable…even Valentine’s Day” and that if you don’t have a date, the Kennedy James directed video,  is like “your own personal one-on-one” with me.  I’d have to agree.  Lots of blank stares and furtive glances.  See for yourself!

Video Session with Out of Town Films!

Philly’s finest filmmaker collective, Out of Town Films, let us come to their awesome Berks Warehouse location and play a couple songs.  Thanks to Michael,  Paul and Sam for making the video look and sound great.

Check out the video for the first song we did, “Cool Joe,” off our latest Paper Garden Recordsrelease, Strange Range.

And thanks for our local Philly Deli Magazine for giving the video and Out of Town Films a nice plug!

Kate Bracaglia, Philly’s premiere purveyor of indie-pop, was kind enough to choose our Kung Fu Necktie show with ARMS and Attic Dancers as a Concert Pick of the Week.

the band headlines Kung Fu Necktie, where their sparkling melodies and brass and woodwind-tinged arrangements are sure to brighten your Monday night.

Our Paper Garden Record label mates ARMS are actually headlining but who’s counting?  Thanks, Kate!

Mucho Gracias to La Pop Life!

Mexico’s La Pop Life reviewed the new Malkmus record and said it…

“sounds more like current Of Montreal and The City and Horses: modern pop with sincerity…which in this case is slacker rock filled with dissonant guitars and carefree vocals.”

How on earth we’re mentioned in the same sentence as Stephen Malkmus and Of Montreal is beyond me. But I’ll take the feather and put it in my cap. (Translation courtesy of my amiga Amanda.)